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Version 3.0.0.beta9 (README, gems)

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......@@ -7,15 +7,26 @@ The format of this file is based on [Keep a Changelog](http://keepachangelog.com
## [Unreleased]
## [3.0.0.beta9] / 2016-12-02
### Added
* Include tarball into release.
* Make basedir of list-logs configurable (`listlogs_dir`). No operational change with the default value.
* Recognize "encapsulated" signatures (RFC 3156, 6.1). (These signatures might still be reported as invalid, that's a bug in mail-gpg which will probably be fixed in their next release.)
* Make installed schleuder-files accessible for owner and group only.
* Make list-logs accessible to owner and group only.
### Changed
* Improved documentation.
### Fixed
* Fix checking for empty messages for nested multiparts (e.g. Thunderbird with memoryhole-headers).
* Fix `schleuder install` to respect config settings (e.g. `lists_dir`)
## [3.0.0.beta8] / 2016-11-27
### Changed
remote: .
schleuder (3.0.0.beta8)
schleuder (3.0.0.beta9)
activerecord (~> 4.1)
mail-gpg (~> 0.2.7)
rake (~> 10)
......@@ -42,15 +42,15 @@ Additionally these **rubygems** are required (will be installed automatically un
Installing Schleuder
1. Download [the gem](https://git.codecoop.org/schleuder/schleuder3/raw/master/gems/schleuder-3.0.0.beta8.gem) and [the OpenPGP-signature](https://git.codecoop.org/schleuder/schleuder3/raw/master/gems/schleuder-3.0.0.beta8.gem.sig) and verify:
1. Download [the gem](https://git.codecoop.org/schleuder/schleuder3/raw/master/gems/schleuder-3.0.0.beta9.gem) and [the OpenPGP-signature](https://git.codecoop.org/schleuder/schleuder3/raw/master/gems/schleuder-3.0.0.beta9.gem.sig) and verify:
gpg --recv-key 0xB3D190D5235C74E1907EACFE898F2C91E2E6E1F3
gpg --verify schleuder-3.0.0.beta8.gem.sig
gpg --verify schleuder-3.0.0.beta9.gem.sig
2. If all went well install the gem:
gem install schleuder-3.0.0.beta8.gem
gem install schleuder-3.0.0.beta9.gem
3. Set up schleuder:
......@@ -118,4 +118,4 @@ GNU GPL 3.0. Please see [LICENSE.txt](LICENSE.txt).
Alternative Download
Alternatively to the gem-files you can download the latest release as [a tarball](https://git.codecoop.org/schleuder/schleuder3/raw/master/gems/schleuder-3.0.0.beta8.tar.gz) and [its OpenPGP-signature](https://git.codecoop.org/schleuder/schleuder3/raw/master/gems/schleuder-3.0.0.beta8.tar.gz.sig).
Alternatively to the gem-files you can download the latest release as [a tarball](https://git.codecoop.org/schleuder/schleuder3/raw/master/gems/schleuder-3.0.0.beta9.tar.gz) and [its OpenPGP-signature](https://git.codecoop.org/schleuder/schleuder3/raw/master/gems/schleuder-3.0.0.beta9.tar.gz.sig).
module Schleuder
VERSION = '3.0.0.beta8'
VERSION = '3.0.0.beta9'
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