Achieve some basic imposition on PDF documents

BookletImposer / pdfimposer
Achieve some basic imposition on PDF documents

What is it ?

Bookletimposer is an utility to achieve some basic imposition on PDF
documents, especially designed to work on booklets.

Bookletimposer is implemented as a commandline and GTK+ interface to pdfimposer,
a reusable python module built on top of pyPdf.

It was tested on GNU/Linux althought it may work on any systems with a Python

Bookletimposer and pdfimposer are both free software released under the GNU
General Public License, either version 3 or (at your option) any later version.
See COPYING for the full text of the license.


- transform linear documents to booklets
- transform booklets to linear documents
- reduce a document to put many on one sheet

Development state

BookletImposer is under development, which means that for the moment, some
things work, some others does not... Thanks to report bugs to
<> if you find some!

Furethermore, some funtionalities are still to be implemented.


pdfimposer requires:

- python (>= 2.6)
- pyPdf (>= 1.13)

BookletImposer also requires:

- PyGObject
- gtk+ (>= 3.0)
- glib

In addition, the build and installation process requires:

- python-distutils-extra
- pandoc

And to build the website:

- python-epydoc
- xsltproc
- docbook-xsl

Quick installation

Once the tarball downloaded and extracted:

    $ ./ build

Then as root:

    # ./ install

pdfimposer API documentation

See generated epydoc documentation (available at

BookletImposer usage

BookletImposer can be launched from the Office section of the Application menu,
or with te command:

    $ bookletimposer

Help on command line options is available in the man page.