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If you have a RPM-based distro like Mageia, you can build and install Lates as a RPM package. The following steps describe the process of building and installing a RPM package on Mageia (the process might be similar on other RPM-based distros but I cannot guarantee that):
* Make sure you have installed the **rpm-build** package and that the rpmbuild folder is in your home directory (see [Mageia Wiki](https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Packagers_RPM_tutorial#Preliminary_tasks))
* Download the sources and place the file in your home directory under **~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/**
* Download the file lates.spec
* Download the sources as tar.bz2 archive of a tagged version, e. g. [Version 1.0.0](https://git.codecoop.org/iceflower/lates/repository/1.0.0/archive.tar.bz2)
* Place the source archive in your home directory under **~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/**
* Download the file [lates.spec](https://git.codecoop.org/iceflower/lates/blob/master/lates.spec)
* Build the rpm package by running:
> rpmbuild -ba lates.spec
* Go to **~/rpmbuild/RPMS/** and install the rpm package e. g. with:
> dnf install lates-1.0.0-5.mga6.x86_64.rpm
> dnf install lates-1.0.0-7.mga6.noarch.rpm
# Usage
On the command-line you can execute the following three commands:
# define custom macro variables for the upstream project
%define branch master
%define commit_id 779f192326cb506003d0b2fb25871ed874873c62
%define src_dir lates-%{branch}-%{commit_id}
%define version 1.0.0
%define commit_id c5183c47f9fe359538166b01bfaf6fb660b89e81
%define src_dir lates-%{version}-%{commit_id}
%define src_archive %{src_dir}.tar.bz2
Name: lates
Version: 1.0.0
Release: %mkrel 5
Version: %{version}
Release: %mkrel 7
Summary: Lets you manage file or project templates by using the command-line
Source0: %{src_archive}
# Source0: https://git.codecoop.org/iceflower/lates/repository/archive.tar.bz2?ref=14ddba107dede9da6c8b7d66d818f4114f486f67
# Source0: https://git.codecoop.org/iceflower/lates/repository/1.0.0/archive.tar.bz2
URL: https://git.codecoop.org/iceflower/lates/
Group: Development/Other
......@@ -41,5 +41,5 @@ chmod a+r+x %{buildroot}/usr/bin/%{name}
* Fri Dec 22 2017 Nicolas Peifer <nic@linuxonfire.de> 1.0.0-5.mga6
* Fri Dec 22 2017 Nicolas Peifer <nic@linuxonfire.de> 1.0.0-7.mga6
- Initial release